A Heavenly Story

Back in the day’ momma would dig out a fire pit, and then get out her old tin tub filled with fresh seafood – (for you youngsters that means the shrimp, fish, etc. we caught earlier that morning from the river). The smell from all of her homemade seasonings alone would draw out the whole neighborhood. They knew they were coming for a real seafood feast! I mean she would throw everything in that tub: corn, potatoes, shrimp, sausage, eggs, neck bones oh and we just can’t forget the huge jumbo crabs!

Boy do we miss those days just sitting ‘round the fire telling stories and cracking jokes while eaten mamma’s good ‘ole seafood. Well since we can’t build those huge fire pits in the back yard anymore; we can still bring the neighborhood together and enjoy the great flavor of momma’s fabulous seafood.

Today, momma’s legacy lives on in every plate we prepare at Seafood Heaven. From the unique flavors of our taste-like-it-was-just-caught seafood, to our outstanding service; we’re carrying on momma’s tradition of bringing the best seafood there is.

Can’t wait for you to join us!